Trial Run on the Beach of Scheveningen!

On a sunny Saturday in May, Anouk and I went for a Trial Run on the beach in Scheveningen! Anouk may have some experience in filmmaking, but I had practically never touched a camera. We had a lot to practice before going on our big trip across the ocean… We had a trial run before, but unfortunately the brand new microphone gave up on us that day. But, no worries, we had some fish and chips and planned a new date. The microphone had been working all week, the weather was perfect and I just got my new action cam, so with new found enthousiasm, we went to the pier of Scheveningen.

 First (low-res) images from my new action cam! 
Because of the holidays in May, the beach was crowded with potential interviewees. Our equipment and absence of a bathing suit, turned some heads of the seaside visitors. After a couple of shots of the surroundings, we wanted to practice the interviewing on film. Just like regular interviewing would you say? Not at all. As the interviewer you have to think about the camera, where you stand, where the other is, that the person speaks loud enough and most important, making the other feel like the camera is not there. Let me tell you, that’s quite the challenge if there is a camera pointing at their face. The goal of having a normal conversation is also pretty difficult, when you have to be quiet for 5 seconds between the answer and your next question, needed for the editing process. Those are the longest 5 seconds of your life, staring, smiling, nodding quietly towards the next question. After a couple of interviews, we called it a day. Leared a lot on how to interview with a camera besides you, can’t what to try it with real interviews!

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