First Big Interview at H+N+S!

On Monday the 1st of June, after months (or even years) of preparations, we finally had our first real interview for At The Edge!  We got to interview Inge Kersten and Jaap van der Salm, very friendly landscape architects from H+N+S, based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. As alumni from the same study at Wageningen, they were more than happy to assist our research and the film.

Source: Rebuild By Design
Source: Rebuild By Design, Interboro Team, H+N+S

H+N+S is involved in the Rebuild by Design organization and is part of the winning team for the Living with the Bay proposal. In this plan, they propose very holistic, landscape-based interventions. The assignment of generating coastal safely is seen as a regional issue, with interventions that not just keep the water out, but also have benefit ecology, economy and a pleasant daily living environment. With their concept of Grassroots Regionalism, they connect the needed regional interventions to the the lives of people and strength of the communities on a smaller scale.

The interview focussed on that very issue: How do you develop smart regional solutions that connect to the lives of people on individual level? Inge and Jaap elaborated on what they see as the best way to make the coastal areas in the New York Metropolitan area resilient: Having a long-term and regional approach that through Building with Nature combines functions and benefits, instead of everyone saving themselves, spending more money then needed and scattering mono-functional solutions over those who can afford it.

More info on H+N+S or their Rebuid By Design proposal? See H+N+S or Living with the Bay

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