Flood Alarm

Flood Alarm text for the area.
Flood Alarm text for the area.

First night on location and already confronted with the water issues that are present here. Around 21:30 in the evening, Anouks phone made a noise that we didn’t know it could produce. Sounded like a large air alert, accompanied by a text warning for floods in our area due to heavy rainfall.

Because of all the hard materials and use of asphalt, rain can’t permeate the ground as fast as it would when there is a lot of green or open water. Low-lying areas will have to deal with run-off from higher grounds. This combination makes floods more likely to happen. Cars can get trapped between flooded roads.

And it wasn’t even raining that badly last night. The heavier rains were mostly in South Jersey, but we will see if we can find the consequences of the water problems in this area as well.

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