Welcome-to-New-Jersey-coffee with Mike from Monmouth University

Meeting Mike for coffee at Volan, Asbury Park
Meeting Mike for coffee at Volan, Asbury Park

During the past months of research, we got in contact with a local expert of Monmouth University; Mike Schwebel. He was so kind to meet us for a Welcome-to-New-Jersey-coffee. In this work, he focusses on social resilience and climate adaptation – perfect input for what we are doing here. We talked about why we are here and what he does at the University and the Sea Grant organization.

Mike is involved in the climate adaptation process of a town in the Southwest of New Jersey, where the local government and the community disagree on how they should adapt: building a dike or developing salt water agriculture and flood plains? We might be able to go with him on his visit there and give advice on what we think is the best option!

Next week, we will meet him again at his office in Sandy Hook, meet his colleagues and get a tour of the peninsula of Sandy Hook and of course interview him about how he sees the issues of resilience in this fragmented shore.

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