Visit To A Beautiful Oceanfront Property In Avalon, NJ

Thursday, before the second flood alarm, we visited DonnaMarie and John, who live in a beautiful oceanfront property in Avalon, NJ. They rebuild their home in 2011 as high and as far out as they were allowed to go, to get the ocean view from the most rooms possible. During the tour of their home, John showed us very proudly all of the windows where we could see the ocean.

During Sandy, they were asked to evacuate. Like most home owners along the Shore, it is their second home, so they could safely wait for the storm to be over in their first home. John and his wife were not allowed back on the island for a week, because of all the debris in the streets and damage to the access route. Luckily, there wasn’t a lot of damage to their home. But even if there was, they would have gotten over it and rebuild again “we’re just trying to get to heaven, we’re not worried about what happens on earth”.

We wish DonnaMarie and John many beautiful summers in their home!


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