Amazing stories at the Asbury Park Press


With a busy week behind us, we have to spend some days editing and documenting everything. But, this has not kept us from a small visit to the local newspaper, the Asbury Park Press.

The Asbury Park Press has covered Sandy stories from all over New Jersey, starting a week before the storm and have done it ever since. The topic of survivor stories, recovery efforts, rebuilding projects or governmental policies surrounding Sandy is still very much alive. During our visit, we talked to some of the main reporters on the storm, that are now working up to their 1000 days after Sandy special. We spoke to an environmental reporter, who tracked the storm and its impacts. An other reporter was out in the field chasing the best stories in dangerous weather conditions and a destroyed landscape. Another reporter was one of the first people who was allowed to go on the barrier islands to make a news item and saw first hand the complete devastation of Ortley Beach (one of the worst hit towns). We spoke about her own experience and the PTSD that many local residents now have after the storm. We tried to make a timeline of recovery: assessing damage, being let back into your home, removal of debris, rebuilding infrastructure and public works, raising homes to climate adaptation projects.

All amazing stories about the work of news reporters in an unbelievable situation.

Want to read more? See the Asbury Park Press

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