Meeting Ben and Billy, in Philly! (1)


City trip to Philadelphia! With two meetings in Philly, we decided to stay a night and make it a weekend trip.

We first met with Ben Kalina. He is the director of Shored Up, a documentary about sea level rise in the New Jersey area. He had already worked on his film about sea level rise for three years before Sandy. When the storm hit, he could include this alarming event as a powerful reminder of what would happen if we don’t do anything about it. He visited Union Beach and Long Beach Island, both very hard hit areas, soon after the storm. His footage shows the total devastation that residents found during the first few trips that they were allowed to take to the area. Escorted by local officials, residents were given a few hours to collect personal items from the debris.

Kalina follows the discussions about sea level rise on governmental level. In some states, the words ‘sea level rise’ cannot be present in governmental documents. In the flood maps from FEMA (updated after Sandy), only the current sea level can be used, not any of the projections to the future. Making these maps outdated from the moment they were presented. These and other examples show how sea level rise is still something that can’t be named by US governments, making films like his crucial.

Want to know more about Shored Up? Be sure to visit their website

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