Meeting Ben and Billy, in Philly! (2)

Second meeting in Philadelphia! After meeting Ben Kalina, we had a beer with Billy Fleming, a PhD candidate from Penn State University. In his research he looks at the Rebuild by Design entries and evaluates with architects and residents what the qualities of the designs were.

Both us having a background in landscape architecture, we found the proposals good strategies -not very innovative- but good. But, as Billy discussed, can you call it a good design if it doesn’t link very well to the parties who have to implement it? The designs were regional plans with a future oriented and landscape-based character. The local governments who have the power to implement it, only have a say on their small town and usually don’t have as much experience, knowledge and capacity to move a project like RbD made, forward. Can you still call them good flood protective plans if their implementation is so hard to reach?

Thank you Billy and Ben for making the time to talk to us about your research and film projects!

Visit our Facebook Page for pictures of our Philadelphia trip!


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