Flood Wall Construction Site in Long Branch

So, get this: While we were talking with documentary maker Ben Kalina in a coffee shop in South Philly, the woman at the table next to us all of a sudden said: “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation.. My father just posted these pictures of a flood wall being build in front of his house in Long Branch! He used to work at the environmental department of the State of New Jersey, do you want to visit him for your research?”

Two days later, there we were! Talking about the role of the State in the flood protection of the area and checking out the construction site from the beautiful view from his 8th floor apartment. After a quick talk with the general foreman of the construction (unfortunately we weren’t allowed to film him), we found out that first they are building a flood wall, covering it with sand for the most part and then building a boardwalk on top of it.

What are the odds! Thank you Bierbaum family, for your hospitality!


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