End Of The Trip Is Almost There…

Almost 5,5 weeks past since we arrived on Newark Airport, so the end of the trip is near.. Coming Tuesday we will head back home, to process all of the experiences, pictures, meetings, footage and other data.

@ Goodbye drink
@ Goodbye drink

To everyone we met during our trip: thank you for your hospitality, time and enthusiasm to help our project! A lot of you asked to stay updated to see the outcome of the film and research. We will definitely make sure everyone who helped us will be able to see the outcome, but give us a few months to process everything;) In the mean time, this website and the Facebook will be kept updated, though with a lower frequency than we have done while we were in New Jersey.

To everyone at home: be sure to put Asbury Park on you list at the next trip to New York! Don’t trust the image that the Jersey Shore is given through MTV and see the boardwalk, arcade, beach convention hall, biergarten, restaurants and neighboring towns with your own eyes.

Anouk and I had so much fun along the Jersey Shore and specifically Asbury Park. What a town! We will meet again.

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