Processing, analyzing, concluding, discussing, designing…


Short message from the thesis room in Wageningen!

About a month has past since we came back from NJ. We traded our low beach bikes for the ‘normal’ high Dutch city bikes, that didn’t feel normal anymore. The stories and experiences still very present in our minds. All of a sudden we have to explain everything to people who have never been to Asbury Park and aren’t as involved in the project as we are.

While Anouk is non-stop editing the film, I am working on the research and design. The wall in the thesis room is slowly filling with drawings, analysis maps and draft chapters! I’m very glad that the end of the trip meant the end of inflow of new information to process! Everything I do now is focused on bringing all the information together and finishing off the project! This means very long working days, but it will be worth it because I can’t wait for the results!

Stay posted for more updates on the end results!

thesis muur

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