Recovery From A Big Set-Back

A week ago I posted some bad news on the facebook page: “Last weekend my home was broken into, were -amongst many other things- my bag was stolen. In my bag was the hard drive on which I saved my whole thesis project. Luckily there is a back-up drive, but still about a month of work is lost. Anouk has the film so that part is totally safe. The rest, I will just have to do over again. The planning of finishing the project before Christmas is probably not realistic anymore, but I hope that I can quickly be where I was last Friday and start moving forward again! ”

In the last week I have been working hard on the recovery. Luckily, I had printed some chapters recently, so most of the text I was able to extract from scanned files (thank god for OCR programs that can turn jpegs to word!) The rest I had to write again. Biggest loss concerning the thesis were images. I lost my large plan drawing, 5 cross sections, 4 photoshops and a bunch of reference images. Unfortunately these type of files can’t be recovered by scanning them. The last couple of days have been 100% focussed on making these images again from scratch. And guess what, most of it is going faster than the first time I did it! Between re-doing things, I also try to make new images, so at the end of the day I feel like I moved somewhat forward.

Since the break-in, many people have told me that my thesis will only get better by re-doing the parts I lost. I don’t know if that is true, but it is nice to hear and I guess I will just hold on to that. Below is a first sneak preview of one of the photoshops I had to do again and I think it looks better than before!


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