Graduation in Sight!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have Green Light.

Last week was an important presentation for the course of the project: the green light presentation. In this meeting, everything we have until now is evaluated by our supervisors to decide how much longer I need to successfully graduate. Green light means six more weeks, orange is eight weeks and red means.. well.. let’s not think about that.. Because we got bright green!
After an enthusiastic presentation with lots of film in between, our project was found good enough to finish in 6 weeks. Supervisors were impressed and gave useful tips for the final stage. Also a reporter from the Wageningen University magazine Resource was present. She will write an article on our journey, which is expected to be published this week. Stay posted for that one, because it will off course be featured here on this website.
So, for the last weeks it is mostly working very long hours to make everything perfect, doing the layout of the report and arranging everything for an awesome final presentation on February 16th and film premiere on Februari 18th! Be there!

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