At The Edge Article in University Magazine

resourceOur big plans and innovative ideas of having film in research are getting more and more attention! The Wageningen University magazine Resource has a big article about our journey in New Jersey. Readers can even win two tickets to the premiere!

Read the article here (For now only in Dutch unfortunately)

Quick translation of the summary:

Student makes film about rebuilding process after hurricane Sandy

The Heerenstraat theater will soon feature a documentary about the rebuilding process in New Jersey after hurricane Sandy. Made by Wageningen student Marit Noest

The landscape architecture student saw the destruction of the Jersey shores by hurricane Sandy on television in October 2012. ‘The Netherlands has a lot of knowledge about coastal protection and president Obama attracted a lot of Dutch experts’ says Marit this week in an interview with the Resource. ‘but to my surprise, much in New Jersey was being build back the same as before. I didn’t understand why.’

Together with a filmmaker, Marit went to the seaside town of Asbury Park past summer for her master thesis, where she documented how different parts of a community think about their shore and how to rebuild. It became such a large project, that -back in Wageningen- she booked the Heerenstraat theater to showcase her film. ‘A year ago I briefly mentioned to my supervisor that I wanted to do something with film. At my colloquium I can only show parts of a film because of the time limit. That is why I booked the Heerenstraat theater, so people could also see the whole documentary.’




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