The Follow-Up

The thesis might be officially over, but in practice we are already busy planning the follow-up! Below are some of the plans we have for the coming months:

Back to NJ!
This spring, I am planning to return to Asbury Park. The goal is to go back to everyone who helped us last year and show them the film. We are really curious to see what everyone there thinks of it!
Exact dates will follow, but we are looking forward to discussing the film of presenting the thesis at the organizations or universities that supported up during the site visit. These specific groups will be contacted int he following months, but if you are/know another group we should definitively show the film to, let us know!

Promotion Tour of the Documentary
We also want to keep the discussion on coastal management going in the Netherlands. The following months, we will present the thesis film at relevant businesses, organizations, universities and governmental parties.
If you are/know an organization that would be interested screening the documentary, please contact us.

Possible New Film Project
There might be another collaboration between Anouk and I coming! The plans are still very fresh, but the new film would concern the Dutch landscape in 2050, featuring innovative researchers and projects that give an image of our future landscape.
This is all very much in the proposal phase, applying to funds and working out ideas, but it would be very cool to make another landscape/film project. Apparently we found our niche!


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