Back to the US! Part 1 – Philadelphia!

Yes yes yes, the moment is finally here! I am back in the US!

Last summer, Anouk and I spend 6 weeks on the Jersey Shore as fieldwork for my thesis and to shoot the film. Now, after many months of hard work, the research, film and design are finished and it is time to show the results to everyone that helped us on our trip.

First stop: Philadelphia! The first presentation I am giving is at Penn School of Design. They have a graduate course called ‘Designing with Risk’ which specifically focusses on coastal zones as well – A perfect match I would say!
Matthijs Bouw from One Architecture (working on the BIG U) welcomed me, showed me around the building and introduced me to the dean Richard Weller. Eighteen students followed the course and they were very interested in the project, the use of film and the difference between Dutch and American ways of coastal management.

It is a great honor to present at Penn, being one of the best landscape departments in the world, it really feels like recognition for all my hard work. Under the coming dean Frederick Steiner they are looking for more research on resilience and a Dutch perspective in that was something they really found interesting. So who knows, maybe something will come out of our newly made connections!

Below a short video on my stay in Philadelphia. As you can see from the quality of the image and sound, Anouk was not with me 😉

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