Back to the US! Part 2 – Sandy Hook

Second stop of the At The Edge tour is at Sandy Hook!
Mike Schwebel, climate adaptation and social resilience expert working at Sea Grant, helped out a lot during our visit last year. See for example the blogs on our warm welcome and the Interview and Tour on Sandy Hook.
Today, we were welcome to show the results at their office on the beautiful peninsula of Sandy Hook.

Many people from the organization were interested to join the presentation and discussion. It was very interesting to compare the Dutch and American way of coastal management and to provide an outsider’s view on the topics. The issue of combining the dunes with other functions sparked interest, because of the potential to convince people of the need, function and benefits of investing in dunes. Also the use of film was praised as a good way of communication of the topics and different opinions surrounding it. Who knows, the film might become part of the educational tours for kids that they provide!

Thank you Sea Grant, for the great afternoon, meaningful discussions and support in our project!


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