Back to the US! Part 4: Surfrider Foundation


During the visit last year, the interview with the Surfrider Foundation was something I really looked forward to. With their initiative of Rethinking the Jersey Shore, they seemed like one of the few organizations that really advocates structural change of the landscape for a sustainable future of the Shore.
After a bit of pushing I got an interview with their mid-atlantic regional manager, John Weber. (Read about the interview here)

Now, a year later, I am back at the Surfriders to show them the results! They promoted the event well and I think there were around 40 people present from both inside and outside their organization. What a great turnout! Presentation and film screening went well and got some great remakes and discussion afterwards. Again the Dutch outsider perspective seemed a great addition to the debate and opened some eyes to new type of solutions.

And what an enthusiasm from the Surfriders as well! Find their view on the event here. Together we will now look at an even larger film screening, with more decision makers and  officials of the involved towns present. To be continued!

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