Back to the US! Last Stop: Ortley Beach

Final stop in our 1-year-later-tour along the Jerseyfoto Shore:
The Ortley Beach Voters and Taxpayers Association. For years they have been protesting for dunes and beach replenishments in their hard-hit community of Ortley Beach. The interview we had last year with their former board member Kathy is one I still remember very well.

This time, we were back to show the
film! Kathy forms an important input in the film as a Sandy survivor now passionately fighting for dune construction. Both the film and the design were received well, especially the design for the parking lots, which seem to draw attention every time I show it.
A main factor that came forward in the talks after, were the governmental attitude and tax regulations that make the future of the Jersey Shore very hard to develop in a sustainable way. If we really want to adapt the landscape of the Jersey Shore to climate change, hard working local organizations like the OBVTA can’t do it alone – they have to be supported by right choices of the government.

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