About Us

At The Edge is a short documentary that shows how the landscape and people of New Jersey, USA, deal with the risk of storms and floods after hurricane Sandy in October 2012. In this blog, we would like to keep everyone who is interested, on both the New Jersey and Dutch side of the ocean, posted on our activities towards the best end-product we are able to achieve!

Who are we?

The film is being made by Anouk Saint Martin and myself, Marit Noest.
I am a Dutch master student in landscape architecture at Wageningen University and I am responsible for the research, production, story and logistics of the documentary.
Anouk is graduated in Film Science at the University of Utrecht and is responsible for the recording and editing part of the documentary.


Seeing the Dutch news channels reporting on the destruction of Sandy in 2012 made a large impact on me. Even though my home in the Netherlands is a couple of meters below sea level, the American east coast looked like a far less safe place to be. I immediately knew that I wanted to use my masters thesis to contribute to the recovery of this area. We hope that At the Edge will start the conversations that are necessary for this coastal area to develop the attitude that is needed for real, future-oriented change. The project At the Edge is being done in the context of the masters thesis in landscape architecture at Wageningen University, the Netherlands.

We would like to thank the parties that made this project possible

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