The Follow-Up

The thesis might be officially over, but in practice we are already busy planning the follow-up! Below are some of the plans we have for the coming months: Back to NJ! This spring, I am planning to return to Asbury Park. The goal is to go back to everyone who helped us last year and … More The Follow-Up

Welcome to the Physical World, At The Edge!

Welcome to the physical world, At The Edge! Yesterday the reports and booklets were delivered! The report is a clean and colourful letter-size booklet, American standard paper because of the topic, obviously. The dvd booklet opens like an invitation with a dvd sticker to match the rest of the layout. Both products are brought together … More Welcome to the Physical World, At The Edge!

25 Years of HNS

The landscape architecture firm H+N+S, that has been so helpful in contributing to our documentary, is 25 years in business! They organize a 3-day symposium on ‘The Dutch Approach’ in landscape architecture. Last Friday was day two of the celebration. With home-made pies, posters of some of their current projects and inspiring speakers, it is … More 25 Years of HNS

Made it!

After 24 hours of traveling, we made it to Asbury Park! The flights were mostly on time and comfortable (or at least, the first few hours). Even US customs let us and our video equipment and poster carrier (aka, bomb equipment and gun carrier) enter the country! Pleasantly surprised about that one. This morning we rented the car … More Made it!