The Trailer!

Yes, the moment is here to present the trailer of At The Edge – The Documentary! Februari 16th is the colloquium and Februari 18th the film premi√®re, so block those dates in your calender! Official invitations will follow in the coming weeks. Enjoy! Director/Production – Marit Noest Camera/Sound/Editing – Anouk Saint Martin (saint martin producties) … More The Trailer!

Seeing What The Landscape Would Be Without Urbanization

Large parts of the Jersey Shore, especially around the Barrier Island, used to be large wetlands. Urbanization has taken over the areas over the past 100 years already. The Edwin B Forsyth National Wildlife Preserve is an exception in the otherwise very developed coastal areas. This nature area is very important habitat for birds, waterfowl, … More Seeing What The Landscape Would Be Without Urbanization

Trial Run on the Beach of Scheveningen!

On a sunny Saturday in May, Anouk and I went for a Trial Run on the beach in Scheveningen! Anouk may have some experience in filmmaking, but I had practically never touched a camera. We had a lot to practice before going on our big trip across the ocean… We had a trial run before, but unfortunately the brand new microphone gave up on us that day. But, no worries, we had some fish and chips and planned a new date. The microphone had been working all week, the weather was perfect and I just got my new action cam, so with new found enthousiasm, we went to the pier of Scheveningen. … More Trial Run on the Beach of Scheveningen!